Aaryn Williams review: This has been hard :(

It must be Sunday

This vlog starts out as a regular Sunday vlog. All Sunday vlogs start out the same: with everyone in Aaryn’s SUV, Nick driving, and Aaryn in the passenger seat making grimaces at Nick (see example in screenshot above).

Aaryn would like everyone to know that tomorrow, she is starting her new fitness plan. She also feels like she is getting sick. Her throat hurts. Her voice doesn’t sound too good either.

Sadly, Aaryn’s new fitness plan will limit her to only TWO pink drinks in a week. This is already seeming like a lost cause.

The family goes to Cheesecake Factory, because that is what they do. The Tex Mex eggrolls look pretty good. Then they go to the pants store for Nick. Skyla is wearing “glitter makeup” aka sparkles all across her cheeks.

Then they go to Lowe’s, because they need a power washer. In the cart, Skyla is turning the steering wheel and pretending to drive. “Skyla, where are you guys going?” Aaryn asks. “Starbucks,” she says, matter-of-factly.

They were all going to go grocery shopping afterwards, but it was just too crazy, so Aaryn goes out later by herself. She will also get her nails done. The Superbowl will be on soon, but she is just not into football. It is “irrelevant” to her. I can’t say I have any issue with this at all. Going grocery shopping during the Superbowl sounds like a dream, compared to other times. And let’s get real, every year the Superbowl gets more and more lame. After you watch, it’s like, why did I just waste those hours of my life?

After the grocery store, Aaryn is not in good shape. She has a pounding, lingering headache. She wants to cry, it’s that bad.

Now it’s Monday, and Aaryn shows clips of her calling her doctor (to reschedule her 12-week ultrasound), and calling the pediatrician. All they are going to do is go to the pediatrician and rest.

The girls get prescriptions for antibiotics, since their breathing sounds so bad. Adeline also will get a breathing treatment. At night, the medicine is doled out and Adeline is very well-behaved during the breathing treatment. There are also new constellation night lights for the girls.

On Tuesday, the cleaning people are coming, so Aaryn takes the girls out. Everyone seems a lot better. Aaryn feels so good that she is planning to work out later. Well, I’m glad that even though things were hard, everyone got better quickly. Now the truly hard part comes: limited pink drinks, working out, drinking water, eating healthy food.


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  1. Thanks so much for doing these recaps, I didn’t have time to watch this vlog so I like getting the update here! I used to be obsessed with Aaryn but I feel like over the past year or two she’s become so materialistic it just makes me sad.

    1. I am glad the recaps are helpful! I know what you mean about Aaryn. Sometimes it is hard to watch the materialism on display.

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