Babymoon vlog power rankings

UPDATED 3/9/19:

  • Aaryn Williams: 122.8K views, 97.0% positive, 0 comments (comments disabled for all but two latest videos)
  • Tara Henderson: 99.0K views, 96.8% positive, 446 comments
  • Liza Adele: 55.5K views, 96.1% positive, 277 comments
  • Krista Bowman Ruth: 21.7K views, 97.1% positive, 356 comments


The babymoon videos have been up for about 2 days. This is what the numbers look like:

  • Aaryn Williams: 98.5K views, 97.3% positive, 686 comments
  • Tara Henderson: 84.0K views, 96.9% positive, 418 comments
  • Liza Adele: 36.0K views, 96.8% positive, 249 comments
  • Krista Bowman Ruth: 14.3K views, 96.9% positive, 299 comments

I’m kind of surprised that Aaryn has more views than Tara! Aaryn really has fantastic engagement on her channel. Even though she keeps such an inconsistent upload schedule (ahem, like today for example — no video), her followers seem very loyal. Anytime one of her videos pops up, they are all over it.

Krista Bowman Ruth’s channel is pretty new (Aaryn mentored her when she lived in Georgia), but her engagement is great! 299 comments on 14.3K views, that’s not bad! Liza has fewer comments and more than twice the views. Still, the babymoon video is doing much better than most of Liza’s other videos, so the trip was a win for her. (Not so for Aaryn — it is pretty average at this point. Only time will tell.)

I’m wondering if Krista’s channel would be worth following…I don’t know what her niche is. But she is smart, the way she befriended Aaryn and has leveraged that friendship to launch her channel.

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